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IRO - 33. Oldenburger Rohrleitungsforum

14-02-19 - 15-02-19 | Oldenburg

Pipeline networks should function across all domains, pipeline network should be flexibly controllable depending on the situation, increasingly intelligent properties are demanded from pipeline networks. This affects the waste water and drainage sectors with increasing heavy rainfall events as it does the drinking water sector in its overall concept with, for example, seasonal or long-term strongly fluctuating usage. Lower sales figures during younger or renovated structural condition result in redesigning or thinning of the pressure reduction equipment in natural gas networks, and especially in this case in the distribution networks. It is also worth taking a look at the electricity network. What is the meaning for a linked network if, as in March 2015, a series of deep depressions blew across the country and provided us with wind energy without end? Or what happens if there is an eclipse of the sun and no wind at the same time?